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We at Bakson Multispecialty Hospital, Greater Noida offer full consultative, diagnostic and management services for the patients with varied renal conditions like Acute & Chronic kidney disease, fluid and electrolyte disorders, hypertension & hypertensive disorders, Diabetic kidney disease, Kidney cancers, Inherited cystic kidney disorders, Kidney stones, Lupus nephritis, Nephritic syndrome, Polycystic kidney disease, Proteinuria, Urethral obstruction, Kidney; Ureter & Bladder cancers and Adrenal gland disorders.

As the best kidney specialist hospital near you, our highly skilled kidney specialists work as a part of multidisciplinary teams which include cardiologists, critical care medicine specialists, urologists, pathologists, endocrinologists, obstetrics and gynecology, dialysis services and other experts in order to provide patients in our care the best healthcare solutions they need.


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Also known as renal failure medically. This condition involves loss of ability of kidneys to remove waste, balance fluids and maintain homeostasis as a result of which waste products gets accumulated in the blood. The two main forms of kidney failure include Acute kidney injury/ Acute renal failure which tends to occur over a short course of time, is reversible occurring either due to infection or trauma whereas, in chronic kidney failure the kidney damage is irreversible and disease happens over a long course of time. As a kidney specialist hospital near you, in Greater Noida & Noida region, our specialists are determined to choose the best course of action for patients whether its medications to treat the underlying cause causing renal damage, surgery, or long term dialysis options.
It’s a longstanding kidney disease with chronic course, ultimately leading to renal failure. This irreversible condition, is managed by the specialists in our nephrology hospital near you in Greater Noida region, using multidisciplinary approach which involves medications to manage the symptoms, inter-departmental consultations & evaluations, dialysis options and ultimately renal transplant and its post-operative management.
Kidney stones are hard deposits of varied size made up of minerals & acid salts which stick together in concentrated urine, causing pain during their passage via urinary tract and can lead to obstruction in urinary tract as well. Although not linked to any permanent damage they present clinically with the symptoms of pain in the back and nausea. Medical approach for this condition by our specialists and in case of small stones involves drinking lots of water to aid passage of stones via urinary tract, however, as the best kidney surgery hospital we also provide laser surgery option in case of large stones which need to be broken down for elimination.
Kidney cancers develop when kidney cells go under abnormal growth or out of control growth, which may metastasize or spread to other organs leading to complications. With increased incidence amongst men beyond 65 years of age, the patients may experience symptoms such as high blood pressure, flank pain & blood in urine. As one of the best kidney surgery hospital in Greater Noida and Noida region, our surgeons mange this life threatening disease via surgical removal of kidneys, chemotherapy and radiotherapy depending upon the extent of metastasis, age of patient & their general health condition & the stage of cancer.

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