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Musculoskeletal Disorders and Orthopedics


Orthopedics department at Bakson Multispecialty Hospital, Greater Noida specializes in diagnosis and management of disorders related to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Striving to reach our aim of best orthopedic hospital in Greater Noida, our skilled orthopedics specialists orthopedic surgeons near you, physicians, advance practice providers, therapists and rehabilitation experts provide varied treatment options ranging from both surgical and non -surgical management enabling our patients to lead an active, pain-free lifestyle.

As a premium orthopedic hospital in Greater Noida, our team of best orthopedic surgeons in Greater Noida, expertly exercise the usage of all latest techniques and technology combined with skillset and surgical acumen to provide the best outcomes for patient in our care. Subspecialties within the orthopedics department include adult reconstruction, pediatrics, sports, trauma, spine, foot, hand , shoulder, elbow and orthopedic surgery.


  • Routine orthopedics OPD (Morning/Evening)
  • Emergency and trauma services 24×7
  • Expert diagnosis and treatment- Elbow, Foot and ankle, Fractures & trauma, Hand and wrist, Hip, knee & shoulder conditions, sports injuries, pediatric orthopedic conditions, limb deformities
  • Surgery- Joint replacement, hand surgery, shoulder surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, Microvascular procedures eg. Nerve repair, nerve & muscle grafts, spine surgery, tumor surgery.

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What We Treat / Procedures
It’s painful inflammation associated with over stressing and repetitive use of areas around joints which is usually the result of trauma or infection. As orthopedic doctor near you, our specialists provide you combination treatment of medications and RICE treatment.
It’s type of inflammatory arthritis affecting spine and large joints with symptoms typically appearing in early adulthood leading to reduced flexibility of spine causing a hunched back posture. As an orthopedic hospital in Greater Noida, our specialists tend to focus treatment on medications, physical therapy and in rare cases on surgery.
Defined as damage to any part of spinal cord or nerves at spinal canal which often might lead to loss of strength,sensation and function below the site of injury/infection. Treatment according as an orthopedist near you includes medications which are combination of muscle relaxant and steroids while our best orthopedic surgeons in Greater Noida prefer the surgical route in necessary cases to preserve mobility and function followed by hydrotherapy and rehabilitation post operatively.
A condition where bones become weak and brittle. Our body continuously removes and replaces the old bone tissue, in this condition, new bone tissue creation doesn’t take place post removal as a result of which bones become so brittle that even mild stress leads to fractures. Bakson Multispecialty hospital, orthopedic doctors near you in Greater Noida and Noida region provide individually curated treatment with medications, dietary modifications and weight bearing exercises in assistance with our physiotherapists to help manage this condition.
It’s the most common type of bone cancer occurring in cells that form bones especially the long bones including those of arms and legs, with increased incidence in young adults and children. Our team of best orthopedic surgeons in Greater Noida , use a combination therapy of chemo, radiation and surgery for management depending upon extent and stage of cancer.
A complete or partial break in bone is known as fracture caused by either due to trauma, malnutrition or disease conditions and progressing age. Management protocol according to our orthopedic surgeons near you and orthopedist near you involves immobilization in cast or splint and surgery with rods, plates and screws depending upon the extent of damage and severity of fracture.

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Freedom From Pain – Managing Pain Caused Due To Nerve Suppress

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