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At Bakson Hospital we have surgeons with specialized training and skills in a wide range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery services including aesthetic plastic surgery, breast surgery, reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, facial reconstructive surgery, reconstructive microsurgery, pediatric plastic surgery, laser surgery, and hand surgery.

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What We Treat / Procedures
Skin Burns
While we do not treat acute burns at Bakson, our Aesthetic Plastic surgeons are adept at Reconstructive surgery for burns contractures. The skin which is burnt or distorted is renewed with the help of plastic and aesthetic surgery. We are doing skin grafting and flaps for wound coverage. For post burn deformities we are doing various corrective procedures which range from simple dermabrasion and grafting to expanders and complex flaps. We also do contracture release skin grafting.
Excess Fat removal or Liposuction
The institute performs certain procedures using latest technology to remove the excess fat from the body. We are doing gynecomastia correction with liposuction assisted gland removal. We are also doing high definition liposculpting for abdomen and chest. We also do various excisional procedures like abdominoplasty and brachyplasty for areas with loose skin.
Hair Transplant
Bakson provides a unique modality of treatment where Homeopathy combines with modern medicine to give all range of treatments for baldness. We treat baldness with medical and surgical treatments both. We are doing hair transplants with both FUE and FUT techniques to give best possible results.
Again a procedure where Bakson brings amalgamation of homeopathy with modern medicine. Homeopathy is very effective in treating vitiligo patches. For patches resistant to medical treatment the plastic surgery department brings dermabrasion and grafting and Melanocyte transfer. These procedures give very satisfactory results for patches.
Breast Surgery
Breast surgery refers to any surgical operation done on the breasts for any reason, whether for diagnosis or treatment of neoplastic or non-neoplastic conditions. We do breast reconstruction for cancer survivors to give a more natural appearance. We also do aesthetic breast procedures like breast lift, Breast reduction of heavy breasts and breast augmentations.
Reconstructive surgery
Reconstructive surgery is performed to restore function and normal appearance, and correct deformities created by birth defects, trauma or medical conditions including cancer. Examples include cleft lip and palate repair, breast reconstruction following a lumpectomy or mastectomy for breast cancer, and reconstructive surgery after burn injuries.
Craniofacial surgery
Craniofacial surgery is plastic surgery of the head and neck, including the skull, the face, and, in particular, the orbit.
Facial Reconstructive Surgery
Surgery to reconstruct defects in facial skin from prior surgery, injury, or disease, including reconstruction resulting from cancer surgery, scar revision, repair of prior facial trauma, removal of birth marks, and correction of congenital abnormalities of the skull, palate, or lips.
Reconstructive Microsurgery
Reconstructive microsurgery is a surgical discipline in which specialized operating microscopes and precision instrumentation are used to repair intricate structures such as blood vessels and nerves less than a few millimeters in diameter.
Pediatric Plastic Surgery
Paediatric plastic surgery is a surgical subspecialty focused on the reconstructive and aesthetic improvement of a child’s appearance, with the goal of restoring functionality and improving quality of life for those with anomalies, whether they be congenital or acquired from an illness or traumatic event
Laser Surgery
Laser surgery is a type of surgery that uses special light beams instead of instruments for surgical procedures. LASER stands for "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation."
Hand Surgery
Hand surgery is the field of medicine that deals with problems of the hand, wrist, and forearm. We are doing tendon, nerve, vessel and bony injury repairs. We also do reconstructions for nerve injuries, tendon transfers. At Bakson we are doing complex procedures like paediatric and adult brachial plexus repairs.
Free skin graft
A skin graft involves detaching healthy skin from one part of the body to repair areas of lost or damaged skin in another part of the body. Skin grafts are often done as a result of burns, injury, or surgical removal of diseased skin. They are most often done when the area is too large to be repaired by stitching or natural healing.

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Treated by Dr. RK Talwar, Bakson’s Hospital
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