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The Intensive care unit at Bakson’s Multispecialty Hospital delivers the highest level of patient care and treatment for critically ill patients with potentially recoverable life-threatening conditions. We adopt a multidisciplinary and inter-professional approach for the management of patients at high probability of imminent or life-threatening deterioration. The full spectrum of critical care services is provided by Intensivists and other medical professionals specially trained in critical care who are present at Bakson’s Multispecialty Hospital, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The aim is to reduce mortality and prevent morbidity in critically ill patients.

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a separate, 10 bedded medical facility, equipped with high-tech specialized equipment for close monitoring, and rapid intervention to maintain vital functions and prevent further deterioration. We are very well equipped with ventilators and other respiratory support machines such as BiPAP and CPAP.

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