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At Bakson Multispecialty Hospital, we have 100 inpatient beds. There are beds available in the general ward and there are private rooms with one or two beds as well.

Patient is under the care of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals within our hospital. Generally speaking, inpatient care requires hat the patient stay in a hospital for at least one night.

Admission to the hospital maybe due to an emergency medical condition like appendicitis, heart attack or a planned one for a surgery or childbirth. Most patients need monitoring and medical care around-the-clock by the medical staff on duty.

While in the hospital, patients are provided all kinds of bedside care, including. lab tests, X Rays, physical therapy, medications for the illness along with monitoring of patients’ vital signs. The hospitalists provide 24-hour inpatient medical consultation service and are the first to respond to emergency pages.

Collectively, the team’s goal is to combine the latest evidence-based medicine with thoughtful consideration of each person’s needs to foster wellness and healing.